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The Next WIN System Program by SUCCESS IS WINNABLE

Proven structure, accountability, support, and self-development to ensure at least 200% progress towards your life goals. Are you ready?

The WIN System Training

The WIN System is a personally-tailored workflow management system developed by agile project management specialist Christian Martin MA, PMP, PSM and further developed in collaboration with life coach, Umang Dave MHSA, CMT. Not quite getting the results you want in your different areas of life? Here’s probably why:

-Challenges with Structure

-Challenges with Accountability

-Lack of Support

-Mental Blocks or Skills that need to be Improved

That’s why the “WIN System” is here.

4 Benefits of the “WIN System” Online Course:

  1. Having an integrated system to manage everything in your life.. yes EVERYTHING
  2. Having clarity and being able to measure progress towards your goals, gaining insights on how you are performing in your life.. You’ll get to learn a lot about yourself.. no joke
  3. Having a tool, resources, coaching, and accountability community to support you in reaching your goals.. We want everyone to win!
  4. PLUS, increasing your own personal performance by AT LEAST 200% in the areas that matter most to you

How Does It Work?

Take this analogy:

Imagine you discovered a well of water. The water in the well represents the potential value available to you in your life that you can use for yourself or share with others.

You want to bring that water home and/or share it with others in your life to benefit from having the water. The desire for this outcome represents the goal you are after.

To transport the water, you have a bucket. The bucket represents the structure you have in place that allows you bring that potential value into your life.

The bucket, however, isn’t perfect and when water is carried, it leaks out of the holes and cracks in the bucket, resulting in little water making it back home. The holes or cracks in our bucket represent our imperfect systems and other challenges we face in structure, resulting in poorer results in our lives even though we have access to tons of potential!

The WIN System makes your bucket stronger the longer you use it, PLUS you are backed by a network of other WINners. We’ll see to it that we all succeed!

Want to write this off as a business expense? NO PROBLEM- We are a legally established business and this is considered professional training, so all good.


Rating: 5 out of 5.
Umang Dave

Life Coach

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m a self-employed sole proprietor and owner of 3 different businesses, who also happens to be diagnosed with ADHD in the past – as you can imagine, it was really difficult to prioritize and strategically act on the things that would create sustainable growth and success in one of these businesses, let alone all three! While I was able to get by and even do well enough, I also often felt overwhelmed, stressed, and working too many hours – it affected my health and it was not going to keep it up as the businesses grew.
The fact that the system creates a structure that is flexible and adaptable day-to-day and week-to-week makes it so I actually can stick with it – because everything else, I’ve rebelled from or unable to follow through in the long run.
The aspects of goal-setting and planning the week, and then doing a retrospective review at the end of each week, allows me to actually take stock of what moved and acknowledge and celebrate my wins, as well as be aware of what might be getting in the way or reducing my ability to continue generating maximum value.
I now no longer plan 2x as much as I can realistically do, AND by being able to prioritize the highest value tasks with the least required effort, I increased my effective productivity to more than 2x as much while working less hours than before!
Lastly, I could incorporate my life goals into the same system, and this gives me more ability to carry out the actions which can lead to a feeling of holistic wellness, peace of mind, fulfillment, and the knowing that I can manage my life with ease, not overwhelm.
I benefited from this system in a way no other system I’ve used before, and since I believe in this system so much, I’ve decided to partner with Christian to create a group program and help the thousands of solopreneurs and people who benefit from more structure but don’t want to feel stuck with a structure they didn’t design!
Thank you, Umang”

Ole Martin Vebenstad

Sports Tech Entrepreneur

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Christian has given me a tool to manage my time and provide the most value during my days. As a founder of a growing startup, there are hectic days and a lot of unexpected challenges that come up. This system lets me control and organize it all into a daily, weekly, and monthly winning routine.

Noah Kowaloff

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Coach & Healer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Before working with Christian, I would often lose days and weeks in which I was working but had little to show for it.  I was rudderless and untethered, doing what I felt like in the moment.  As you can imagine, not much got done.  

Since working the system with Christian, I’m on top of my tasks and I have a living workflow I use to track my work and get things done.  I am more focussed and organized and for once I feel like an entrepreneur. Finally,  I am walking the walk, after years of just talking the talk.” 

Be Fulfilled In Your Personal Life
Achieve Results In Your Business Success Like Never Before
Get Those Side Projects Going and Flowing
Be Part of a Success Community
Elevate Your Self-Development

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