Sports Technology Stadium
San Francisco, CA

Our History

Christian Martin + Associates was founded by Christian Martin, who spent almost a decade working with sports start-up businesses in the areas of operations, project management, and general management. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Professional Scrum Master (PSM) with expertise in several operational disciplines such as agile product development, kanban, lean six-sigma, lean start-up, and scrum. He is also a strategic business consultant, agile coach, and productivity guru that has increased business performance for dozens of start-up businesses, executives, and entrepreneurs over the past 10 years.

Our Values

Agility– learning fast, adapting quickly, and maximizing throughput

Continuous Improvement– being better today than we were yesterday, and being better tomorrow than we are today

Strategy– working smart over working hard

Fulfillment– fulfilling our destiny and making visions come to life

Results– look at what we achieved over how we got there

Honesty– open and honest conversations and feedback

Experimentation– being open to trying new ideas and innovating

Relationships– business is all about supporting one another

Our Team

Christian Martin


Sports Technology and Operations Consultant | Agile Coach | Entrepreneur | Educator | Speaker

Austin Esser

Data, Production, & Technology Specialist

Research Analyst at Christian Martin + Associates

Want to Join the Team?

“Professional, dependable, and focused on the right metrics. Pay attention to Christian Martin + Associates. They know what they are doing.”

Kerry Pathos, Sports Business Entrepreneur

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