Client Portfolio

This portfolio showcases various consultations and projects by Christian Martin + Associates.

SportIn Global 

Organization Bio: SportIn Global is a sports tech start-up, on a mission to change the world of recruiting in the sport industry! SportIn Global is dedicated to provide the best social media platform for professional sports managers and students to meet and are working some of the newest revolutionizing technologies.

Services Requested: Agile Coaching, Virtual Technology Solutions

Problem/Project #1: CEO faced challenges managing his time given competing priorities and limited resources as a sports and technology startup. He wanted personalized agile coaching to optimize how he plans and executes work to increase his productivity and give him more control over his life.

Solution/Results #1: Christian Martin + Associates worked with CEO over 5 weeks to develop a personalized structure and system that helped the CEO to prioritize their weekly workload and account for opportunities and impediments that may come up during the week. After the end of the 5 weeks, the CEO more than doubled his hourly output of work and established a weekly and monthly routine that made him feel more confident in his ability to produce results left him feeling more in control over his business and his life.

Problem/Project #2: CEO was not on track to meet his company’s goal of having 1000 job opportunities offered on the SportIn Global platform by the end of 2020.

Solution/Results #2: Christian Martin + Associates devised a plan that would help the organization reach its goal of 1000 opportunities by organizing a 3-part global summit for sports professionals and sports organizations. The event series would put SportIn Global and its platform before a greater global audience than it had ever experienced and bring credibility to its authority in the sports industry by showcasing some of the industry’s leaders at its summit. Christian Martin + Associates managed and acquired the infrastructure required for the summit and managed communications with all event stakeholders. Event plans were adjusted and improved using agile practices and methodologies. The first event secured 450+ event registrations, 5 recognized sports and technology leaders as speakers, 5 event partners, 12x greater web traffic to the SportIn Global platform. The amount of opportunities offered on the SportIn Global platform have quadrupled and are nearing 1000 each day. Moreover, the number of platform users has increased by over 20% since the announcement of the summit.

The Job Hackers Agile MBA Program 

Organization Bio: The Job Hackers was founded in October 2017 and obtained 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in February 2018. Our grassroots organization provides free training to increase diversity and inclusion at technology companies. To date, the nonprofit has trained over 450 unemployed people in Agile, Scrum and modern behavioral theories. As a result, over 35% of participants gain employment mostly as Project Managers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners within 90 days of taking the class.

Services Requested: Agile Coaching, Virtual Technology Solutions

Problem/Project: The Job Hackers MBA Program had grown its membership by another several hundred people in its latest class enrollment. Its current infrastructure and operations model was not sufficient to provide the support necessary for the success of larger class enrollment.

Solution/Results: Christian Martin, a Professional Scrum Master and graduate of the Agile MBA Program, developed an addition to the program where students could interact virtually via Zoom and Zoom Breakout Rooms with other Professional Scrum Masters to discuss topics related to agile and scrum and also take practice questions to help them prepare for the Professional Scrum Master exam. With this new addition to the Job Hackers Agile MBA Program, the Job Hackers were able to produce its highest number of program graduates and also highest number of certified Professional Scrum Masters in its history.

Blue Griffin Foundation

Organization Bio: The Blue Griffin Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 2005 with a gift from the Santa Fe Community Foundation. Since 2005, the Blue Griffin Foundation has often gifted a $5000 scholarship annually to a High School senior from Santa Fe to be used to further his or her education. The Foundation also offers a virtual mentorship program that supports middle school and high school students.

Services Requested: Virtual Technology Solutions

Problem/Project: Due to COVID-19, the Blue Griffin Foundation needed a virtual solution to continue to offer its mentorship program to middle school and high school students. 

Solution/Results: Christian Martin + Associates worked with the organization to transform its mentorship program to be offered completely virtually. This included changing operational procedures and adopting new technological infrastructure to render the same mentoring services.

Urban Soccer Park

Organization Bio: Urban Soccer Park is on a quest to bring accessible, quality soccer fields to every city across the nation. We manufacture and install professional-grade courts safe for all ages and tailored to your budget and size requirements. With our unique modular design, we are able to dramatically cut down on construction costs and empower schools, soccer clubs, organizations, and entrepreneurs around the country to build the soccer field of their dreams.

Services Requested: Sports Operations and Technology Solutions

Problem/Project: Urban Soccer Park needed support in two areas: 1) Determining an optimized operations model for its mini, professional-grade soccer pitches and 2) Testing of new facility features and technologies to see if they could be potential add-ons to their soccer pitch product

Solution/Results: Urban Soccer Park hired Christian Martin for 3.5 years where he developed and refined the operations manual, programming schedule, marketing schedule, playing environment, and staffing calendars using agile practices and methodologies. Furthermore, Christian Martin tested the effectiveness and efficiency of dozens of facility technologies across the entire gamut of operational areas such as scheduling and booking systems, mobile apps, book-keeping and payroll systems, sound systems, and facility add-ons such as digital lockers, facility lighting and netting, turf, soccer balls, and more. The company now sells its soccer pitches using the operations manual, technologies, and add-ons that were implemented and tested by Christian Martin, and has sold dozens of pitches across the United States.

HispanoAmerica Soccer

Organization Bio: HispanoAmerica Soccer has been operating international soccer exhibition matches between the USA and Latin America and adult amateur soccer leagues for over a decade.

Services Requested: Bi-lingual Sporting Event Consulting

Problem/Project: HispanoAmerica Soccer had contracts with both the Guatemalan and Hondurian national soccer teams to conduct exhibition matches in California in Summer 2020, but was unfamiliar with the local landscape. Furthermore, the organization experienced challenges in navigating networks to potential host venues because spoken English was a barrier to them.

Solution/Results: Christian Martin + Associates assisted HispanoAmerica Soccer with identifying venues and markets in California that fit well with their target demographic and leveraged bi-lingual abilities to negotiate contracts with the venues on behalf of HispanoAmerica Soccer Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the matches have been pushed to 2021.

Homegrown Hustle 

Organization Bio: Homegrown Hustle is a business accelerator program for hip-hop musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization provides musicians with free business consultation services, marketing exposure, and show opportunities so they can take their music careers to the next level. 

Services Requested: Operations and Technology Solutions

Problem/Project: Homegrown Hustle had less than 5-weeks to develop and deliver a 5-hour workshop and 4-hour live concert for the musicians in its program. Homegrown Hustle was extremely under-resourced and needed support from an outside entity to make sure these crucial elements of their program were delivered professionally. 

Solution/Results: Christian Martin + Associates assisted Homegrown Hustle with the development of their workshop and live show, outlining roles and responsibilities for their staff, run of show, and technological preparations that needed to be made. Christian Martin + Associates also negotiated contracts with the venues, hired support staff and other specialists, and secured the necessary equipment to deliver both events successfully.

Columbus Cyclery 

Organization Bio: Established in 2011, Columbus Cyclery is a bicycle shop in San Francisco offering a variety of services such as bicycle repair, sales, and rentals.

Services Requested: Sports Operations and Technology Solutions

Problem/Project: Columbus Cyclery had technological systems and operating procedures that weren’t scaleable as the business grew and were taking too much of the owner’s and employees’ time. 

Solution/Results: Christian Martin + Associates worked with the owner to streamline processes using value mapping to optimize Columbus Cyclery’s operations and updated technological systems that saved the business time and money. Furthermore, Christian Martin + Associates developed standardized procedures and documents for Columbus Cyclery’s services that ensured high quality of service and improved customer satisfaction.

Street Soccer USA 

Organization Bio: Street Soccer USA delivers quality youth and young adult soccer programs that include trained coaches, equipment, social service coordinators, adult mentors and safe places to play for young people.

Services Requested: Sports Operations and Technology Solutions

Problem/Project: Street Soccer USA operated an amateur adult soccer league in San Francisco that helped fund its non-profit programs. The organization wished to grow the league so that it could secure more funding to expand its local program offerings.

Solution/Results: Christian Martin was hired and built out the league’s digital assets such as website, social media, and Google Ads platform, optimizing the league’s sales funnel to grow the league by 27% in 8 months.

Whitfield Athletix

Organization Bio: Whitfield Athletix strives to create a complete and dynamic quarterback. The quarterback position is the most difficult position to play in sports. Unfortunately, it is also the most undercoached position in sports. 

Whitfield Athletix approaches quarterback training differently. They don’t just drop and throw hundreds of routes. They focus on building proper throwing mechanics and use innovative and unconventional methods to create live game situations to prepare a quarterback for whatever a defense can do. Ultimately, they equip each quarterback with the tools to rise to the next level.

Problem/Project: Whitfield Athletix operated under a tight budget and relied heavily on interns and volunteers to deliver its programs. The organization was looking to expand its intern and volunteer base to unlock new levels of impact.

Solution/Results: Christian Martin worked with the owner over 2 months to standardize processes around their internship/volunteer program and execution of recruiting events. These improvements helped the organization to more effectively manage volunteers and interns as well as amplify their ability to contribute to the organization’s programs.

Super Bowl 50 Host Committee 

Organization Bio: The Super Bowl 50 Host Committee was responsible for planning and delivering the most giving and technologically advanced Super Bowl to date with events spanning the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Problem/Project: The Super Bowl 50 Host Committee had many moving parts to manage for events around the NFL’s 50th Super Bowl and needed both effective leadership and infallible plans to mobilize its event volunteers and provide a quality Super Bowl experience.

Solution/Results: Christian Martin worked with host committee organizers to develop and execute plans around several events including the 50 Tour, Super Bowl City, and transportation services around the Super Bowl itself. Christian Martin helped to adjust, execute, and communicate event plans with various stakeholders to ensure events ran smoothly and successfully.

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