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Sports Business in 2020

Facts and Figures

-Esports will exceed $1.5 Billion in revenue and is expected to grow at an annual rate of +9% through 2025

-Technology is creating new business verticals and engagement opportunities for fans such as fan tokens, prop betting, and more

-49% of the Tokyo Olympics roster is made up of women athletes, marking the highest representation of females in Olympic history

-Brands are working with athletes closer than ever as vehicles to promote products and generate one-of-a-kind brand experiences

-Global Sports Sponsorships plunge 37% worldwide due to COVID-19 pandemic

How We Can Help

Agile Product Development + Agile Transformations

Have a sports product or software that is behind schedule, over-budget, or experiencing scope creep? Let us help with an agile transformation of your systems and processes to get you to market quickly and effectively.

Business Development + Esports Strategy

Struggling to meet year-over-year revenue goals? Trying to enter the esports market? Let us advise you or do the heavy lifting to get you the results that you want. Arrange a meeting with us to discuss opportunities you may be missing.

Technological Infrastructure + Operations

Don’t know where to start when it comes to the equipment and systems you will need to operate your business optimally? We can advise and set it up for you. Reach out and tell us what you are trying to do.


What People Say

Christian is great professional with a vast experience in project management, agile systems and with a deep understanding of the sports industry and sports tech ecosystem. A great person, humble and with all skills to succeed in the industry. 3 key-words to define Christian – pro-active, organized and efficient.

Edu Drapier, SportIn Global Co-Founder & CMO

Christian helped me to create a structure that focused on providing the most value each day for each of my businesses. This has helped me make so much more progress than before.

Umang Dave, Solopreneur with 3 businesses

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