SportIn Fitness and Performance Summit Feb 24, 2021 (Click image to view full event)
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Matt Davis was one of the Homegrown Hustle business partners.
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The Homegrown Hustle Logo is depicts a DJ turntable, tying to the roots of hip hop, which started with the DJ. We named the artist accelerator program “Homegrown Hustle” because it ties directly with our mission of supporting local artists with their music careers who have been on the grind to make them happen. The two H’s in the middle of the logo represent both the name “Homegrown Hustle’ and “Hip Hop”.
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This link will take you to the case study Productimize published about the project of building our customization widget for the Undercover Mugs website, the features, and the results.
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Speaker Clip from the 3-part SportIn Global Data and the Future of Sports Summit
SportIn Fitness and Performance Summit Feb 24, 2021 (Click image to view full event video)
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