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Christian Martin is the founder of Christian Martin + Associates, a Sports and Entertainment Consultancy located in San Francisco, CA. He received his Bachelor’s in International Business (ENG/SP) from the University of San Diego and his Master’s in Sport Management from the University of San Francisco. Christian possesses nearly a decade of experience launching innovative products, programs, and businesses in the Sports, Music, and Gaming industries while collaborating with notable brands such as the San Francisco Giants, Facebook, Under Armour, and others. Christian also carries a versatile background in several operational disciplines, traditional and agile project management (PMP and PSM certified), live/virtual event management, and knowledge of technological solutions for the sports, music, and gaming ecosystems.

Featured Client-Facing Projects

Validom Gaming


Situation: Validom Gaming is an amateur esports organization based out of Ohio. They manage a competitive gaming community of 1400 members competing in titles such as Fortnite, Valorant, Rocket League, and CS:GO. As a maturing esports org, they were looking for revenue opportunities to fund talent development and technological tools for community management and growth initiatives.

Task: After connecting with the CEO, Christian jumped in to craft a community survey to obtain data on community demographics, behaviors, and needs. This data was then used to develop a professional-grade sponsorship deck outlining activation opportunities for potential partners.

Results: Over a several weeks, Christian led the implementation and analysis of their survey to produce the official sponsorship deck which can be found here: .

Christian is currently working with Validom on their brand and content strategy, content production operations, and securing sponsorship.

SportIn Global


Situation: SportIn Global was a Norwegian startup looking to grow its sports industry recruitment platform to at least 1000 sports jobs posted on their platform and double their user base by the end of 2020.

Task: Christian was brought on as a project lead to launch the startup’s first industry-wide conference series, The SportIn Global Summit, in efforts to attract both job posters and users to the recruitment platform.

Results: Christian led a remote team of 6 members over 6 months to plan and execute 4 global virtual events, featuring 2 dozen event speakers, 16 event partners, and hundreds of attendees. These events generated approximately 900 newly posted jobs (30x increase) and 1500 new users (2x increase).

Christian is now supporting the production of their next virtual summit, the Esports Invitational, in September 2021 where he will also be moderating the event.

Hispano America Soccer


Situation: Christian was approached by a Spanish-speaking client to help organize an exhibition soccer match in San Francisco featuring Guatemalan professional team CD Gustatoya as part of a nation-wide tour.

Task: Christian was responsible for securing venues and vendors for the event as well as developing site safety plans and advising on marketing. Much of his work consisted of managing communications between stakeholders in both English and Spanish.

Results: With over 3,000 tickets sold in 2020, the event had to be postponed to due to COVID-19. The event will now be taking place July 24th and 25th, 2021.

Vandyke Sports


Situation: Christian was approached by Vandyke Sports to consult them on their digital marketing strategy for their many-linked businesses that included data analytics, online education, media, and broadcasting. The conglomerate wanted to develop a healthy digital business ecosystem in which they could nurture and source new customers.

Task: Christian was responsible for identifying online platforms for the organization to use for its online education business and online community while also developing strategies to market and promote relevant offerings to customers in their ecosystem.

Results: Christian developed and presented a 3-stage digital marketing plan that included required budget and resources to senior leadership of the company. VanDyke Sports adopted several pieces of the proposed plans for their Q1 2021.

Urban Soccer Park


Situation: Urban Soccer Park was a startup business looking to launch a “soccer park in a box” product that could be sold to soccer clubs and municipalities who could not fulfill their demand for soccer field space given available real estate and resources.

Task: Christian was the startup’s first hire as General Manager where he was responsible for many responsibilities such as product testing, optimization/localization of soccer park operating procedures, partnership development, and overall profitability.

Results: Christian championed $750,000 revenue growth and managed the expansion to 2 self-managed soccer parks with dozens of weekly soccer programs, 16 staff, and over 5,000 customers in 3.5 years. He also was the end-to-end project lead for 6 client soccer park installations across 5 US cities.

Street Soccer USA


Situation: Christian was brought onto the Street Soccer USA San Francisco team to manage the IPLAYFORSF adult recreational soccer league that funded programs for low-income adults and at-risk youth.

Task: Christian was responsible for growth of the league, scheduling league matches for over 50 teams per week, and overseeing match referees and equipment managers to make sure games ran smoothly. Christian was also directed their regional and national tournament fundraisers.

Results: Christian accomplished many things in his role with Street Soccer USA including growing the league by 26.7% in 8 months via Google Adwords Campaigns on a budget of $100 per month, producing the league’s first promo-video, and creating the league’s first partner-sponsored tournament.

Featured Entrepreneurial Projects

Success Is WINnable


Situation: Success Is WINnable is an online success community created by Christian and a colleague combining the skill sets of project management and life coaching. Their goal was to to empower, support, and connect individuals who were struggling to achieve success during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Task: Christian provided structure and organization to channel the vision of the team and was responsible for the creation and design of the Success Is WINnable Website as well as the “WIN System”, an advanced spreadsheet tool, utilizing the ceremonies of Scrum, to plan, track, and analyze data around one’s personal life.

Results: In just over 12 months, the duo produced more than 250 hours of content on project management and other valuable skills via workshops, online group courses, and 1-on-1 training. They supported a community of over 24 individuals who showed personal productivity gains of 200-300% in just 5 weeks and who continue to stay connected to the community for daily accountability calls, weekly learning and coworking hours, monthly socials, and guest speaker events. Christian has also been working with an app developer to create a mobile-compatible app for the “WIN System”.

Homegrown Hustle


Situation: Homegrown Hustle was a business accelerator formed by Christian and two other associates. Their goal was to create the SF Bay Area’s first community-led music business accelerator program for local musicians.

Task: Christian was the program lead and responsible for the delivery of a fundraising event, an 8-week business accelerator curriculum, and a grand show at a local venue.

Results: Over 11 months, Christian assembled a team of subject matter specialists for the accelerator program, put on a local fundraiser securing roughly $10,000 in donations and services for the program, and orchestrated a one-of-a-kind grand show spectacle to celebrate the graduation of the program’s first cohort, attracting over 200 attendees.

Undercover Mugs


Situation: Christian was inspired to launch a new concept in the customized goods industry by introducing the ability to add a customized “undercover print” to any coffee mug purchased on their site.

Task: Christian was responsible for developing the business plan, securing financing, identifying suppliers, and developing the e-commerce website.

Results: In its first year, Christian designed and sold over 2,500 “undercover mugs” and was a finalist in the University of San Diego’s “V2” Venture Vetting Competition. Christian also developed the Undercover Mugs Website, led a remote team in the creation of a product customization feature, and continues to sell these special mugs for souvenir shops, trade shows, film festivals, and weddings.

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Featured Media

Esportz Network Podcast Interview Sep 10, 2021 (Click image to listen)

SportIn Fitness and Performance Summit Feb 24, 2021 (Click image to view full event)

Promo Video for Homegrown Hustle Grand Show Event

Promo Video for Street Soccer USA’s IPLAYFORSF Adult Soccer League

Viral video from Urban Soccer Park that made Sports Center with over 1.8M views

Mannequin Challenge Activation at Street Soccer USA Park San Francisco

Proprietary “WIN” Project Management Tool


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