Agile Sports Solutions

Where could your results be performing at least 2x better than you are today?

Christian Martin + Associates supports sports executives, sports product teams and sports coaches and trainers in the development and implementation of agile systems and practices to achieve maximum performance within their organization’s teams and for their organization’s athletes.

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Pain Points

  • Adapting quickly to changing environments
  • Being most effective + efficient with time + resources
  • Improving work culture + employee engagement
  • Prioritizing + planning
  • Leading + facilitating team performance growth


  • Agile Coaching/Consulting
  • Systems + Technology Transformation
  • Data Capture, Integration, and Interpretation

Agile Coaching for Sports Executives, Sports Product Teams, and Athletic Coaches and Trainers

Christian Martin + Associates coaches sports business executives, sports product teams, and athletic coaches and trainers in adopting agile behaviors so that they can perform at an optimal level, improve quality, reduce costs, and have more satisfied customers. Schedule a free consultation with us below to learn more.

Agile Leadership and Adoption Support

Christian Martin + Associates supports business leaders in the adoption and implementation of agile operations within their organizations. Specialty agile areas include Scrum, Kanban, Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), and Test-Driven Development (TDD). Book for a consultation below.

Thanks to Christian Martin, I have a winning daily, weekly, and monthly routine that keeps me on top of my game and in control of my destiny.”

Ole Martin Vebenstad, SportIn Global CEO

Let’s fulfill your destiny.

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