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Christian Martin + Associates specializes in adaptation and optimization solutions for sports businesses and sports technology teams looking to outperform the competition and take control of their destiny in today’s world.

Upcoming: SportIn Global Summit Part 3 (Asia-Pacific) October 28th, 2020



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SportIn Global Summit

Register for the SportIn Global Summit here. Part 3 (Asia) taking place on October 28th, 2020.

About the SportIn Global Summit: SportIn Global Summit is a 3-part global virtual event featuring 15 of the greatest minds within the sports industry talking about where the sports industry is headed and how data is changing the game. Come attend this great opportunity to learn more about the rapidly changing sports environment. We are proud to be an event partner and co-organizer!

Agile Sports Solutions

According to Forbes, 92% of executives believe organizational agility is critical to business success. Learn how becoming more agile in your systems and practices can help you to quickly adapt, boost performance within your organization, and leave competitors in the dust.

Sports Technology Solutions

Nielsen Corporation indicates that 85% of new products are failures. See how the adoption and implementation of agile practices for your technology team can increase quality, efficiency, and deliver continuous success.

Watch the most recent Talks and Interviews featuring Christian Martin

Summary: Christian Martin speaks at the SportIn Global Summit about the intertwining of sports and technology and the inevitable shift for sports organization to become more operationally agile.

Summary: Christian Martin discusses the economic impact of COVID-19 on the sports industry and offers his advice to businesses and students on how to overcome these challenging times. See the full interview here.

Christian Martin + Associates revolutionized my business. This quarter, we are set to exceed projections by 200% despite the COVID-19 crisis. My only regret is wishing we had started earlier!

Garry Simanovolis, Sports Business Owner

Let’s fulfill your destiny.

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